Managing Anxiety, Stress, and Worry Workshop

August 4th

  • Gain a Better Understanding of Anxiety, Stress, and Worry
  • Learn some of the Common Causes
  • Understand the Roots of Anxiety, Stress, and Worry
  • Learn to Manage Anxiety, Stress, and Worry Biblically
  • Recognize Your Tendencies
  • Spiritual and Emotional Preparation
  • Practical Preparation/Managing Circumstances


    WHEN: August 4, 2014                                SEATING IS LIMITED!

    TIME: 7:00 - 8:30pm

      WHERE: 19315 FM2252 Bldg.3                                           REGISTER NOW!

      FEE: $15.00 per person

      FMI: 210.636.1776

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Winning Families and the Biblical Counseling Center is dedicated to strengthening and encouraging families through quality counseling and coaching. In our throw away society where marriage and family have been reduced to a level of mere convenience, Biblical Counseling and coaching offers a message of hope. Whenever people choose to live their lives according to Biblical principles, they find a fresh new approach to old problems that enable them to experience life, marriage, and family to its fullest. Before you give up on your marriage and family, give us the opportunity to share a different perspective, a Biblical counseling perspective, of your marriage and family.
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We provide Biblical counseling for individuals, couples and families. We specialize in marriage counseling. Because the Bible addresses every human need, we can help assist individuals struggling with marriage, parenting, addictions, personal struggles, fear, anger, grief, relationship and family problems, etc. We have two locations in Texas; San Antonio and San Angelo. Biblical counseling approaches problems and solutions from a Biblical worldview. The Bible provides guiding principles, encouragement, wisdom, and an array of beneficial resources which God has designed for our benefit and His glory. Biblical counseling addresses the challenges we face from a perspective of hope and assurance that God’s Word will guide us to fulfillment. Whether in your marriage or personal life, Biblical counseling can provide the help and assistance you need.


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        By: Paul David Tripp
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"I am truly challenged to become the husband and father that God would have me be."

"You guys saved our marriage."

"We are able to come back to the heart of our relationship and understand how we both need to move toward Christ to overcome all the difficulties and struggles we face."

"The highlight of the weekend was to be in the same room with people who are striving to better their marriage."

"The seminar helped me to understand the commitment of marriage and how we are so different."

"We are trying to recover from an affair in our marriage and this seminar breathed new life into my commitment. I am 100% committed to making my marriage work, til death parts us."